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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog and webpage.  I’m an aspiring writer of adult erotica and if you haven’t checked out my stories, there is a link to one of my free ebooks on the right site of this page!

Very briefly, here’s a little of my background –

After a career as a scientist working in the medical industry and research laboratories, I have decided to listen to the advice of ‘Follow your bliss’.  I have always loved reading and writing fiction.  In particular, I enjoy fantasy, science fiction and horror.  People seem to enjoy my stories when I’ve shared them, and so I’ve decided to become more serious about creating stories to entertain people.  As a result, I’ve jumped into the world of ebook self-publishing.

I’ve started off writing a series of erotic fiction ebooks.  My first series is called Shadowlust Stories.  It is a horror/romance/sex genre series and hopefully readers will enjoy the series entertaining.  I try to have humor in my stories as well as taking horror inspirations popular culture, movies and video games.

The first ebook in the Shadowlust series is titled “Tales from the House.”   It is a story of a hapless individual who finds himself seduced by a beautiful and frightening supernatural woman. The story has characters inspired by the artist who calls himself O-mac.  I have been corresponding with O-mac for a while now and he has always given me encouragement to try writing stories.  He was even kind to let me use some of his art for  the cover.  Check out O-mac’s other artwork here on Deviant Art o-mac.deviantart.com/

“Tales from the House” is available on Amazon for just $0.99


And also on Smashwords


Fun animation by PsychoSpider

I found this enjoyable animated short on Youtube done by PsychoSpider.  It’s not done by a professional, but I still thought it was very fun.  It shows a sultry and very dangerous succubus and the assassin trying to stop her.  I do have a weakness for succubi characters 🙂

I always liked animation and I think this is a budding artist who shows some real potential.  Give it a watch and Like it on Youtube if you enjoy it.  Make sure to watch it to the end!


New stories

I will be posing an entry for the Literotica Halloween contest soon, and I though I’d provide the link for another short story of mine has been posted there.  This one helped end a dry spell of writing for me, so I’m really glad I was able to finish it.

First Date

The story is about a guy who goes on a first date with a succubus.  It’s an erotic comedy, and it has characters readers will recognize from the Shadowlust Series.  The contest story will also have character from the Shadowlust Series making appearances.   I hope people like them.